Part of the company's projects in the field of designing, installing and implementing which have reached the stage of provisional delivery or those under execution:

• ATK Project of National Oil Products Distribution Company in Mashhad (provisional delivery) 
• Fuel Storage facilities and Fuel Replacement stations of Al-Mahdi Aluminum Plant (in progress)
•  Liquefied gas Storage facilities for Jahan Pars Company (provisional delivery) 

In response to the demands of some clients interested in receiving EPC services, in addition to supplying ammonia and cryogenic industries products the company also offers industrial the following engineering services:

• Design, installation and implementation of fuel storage and replacement facilities, liquefied gas (LPG) in collaboration with experienced contractors throughout the country as well as supplying the equipment and instruments required for these facilities;
• Design, installation and implementation Cryogenic and ammonia gas storage facilities;
• Design, installation and implementation of liquefied gas loading and unloading terminals the operation of which is done using shipping containers, portable tanks or tank cars and road transport  (trailers).
•  Preparation and tank cars carriage tanks for the transport of refinery products and petrochemicals.
•  Design and implementation of the LPG IGNITION system of gas fired power plants.
•  Design, installation and execution of automated and semi-mechanized facilities for LPG cylinders charging.
• Oil storage tanks and cooling and foaming projects.
• Design, procurement and implementation of the fueling stations of aviation centers.
• Design, installation and execution of Peak - Shaving stations
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People who are somehow involved in the transport and storage and distribution of LPG must be fully familiar with the properties of this gas and need to learn the proper techniques of working with it. This company as one of the custodian of developing liquid gas industry standards in Iran complies with the following standards in all the activities related to the provision of engineering products and services
NFPA 58, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code
NFPA 59, Utility LP-Gas Plant Code
DOT, Department of Transportation
ASME SEC 8:2007, Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels, Division 1
Ul 132 (1997), Safety Relief Valves For anhydrous Ammonia and Lp Gas
Download Standard 841
Butane procurement &Engineering Services  Company guarantees all its products and services and is prepared to provide after sales service as follows:
• Supply of spare parts:
           Including supply of spare parts for machines such as pumps, compressors, and vaporizers and other equipment;
•  Periodic Inspections:
Periodic site visits to all liquefied gas facilities all over Iran;
• Training:
          Includes developing training programs regarding safety, fire fighting and operation of facilities and equipment installed by this company;